Memory Foam VS Spring Mattresses

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Memory Foam and Spring Mattresses
It is hard to believe that some people still own spring mattresses.

The most popular choice is memory foam mattresses due to its advanced manufacturing processes. Beds with metal coils for support still exist because it is affordable.

However, even those with limited budgets can manage to invest in a good quality foam mattress. This just shows that memory foam and spring mattresses have advantages and disadvantages that affect the buying power of consumers.

Spring Mattresses


Since a spring mattress uses a pocketed coil system, it returns to its initial shape as soon as you climb out of bed. After you purchase a spring mattress, you can sleep on it right away without waiting for it to expand completely.

Another reason that you have to wait to sleep on a memory foam mattress is for it to off-gas. Spring mattresses do not have that kind of problem.

A spring mattress does not mold to the body, so you do not have to adjust to a new type of sleeping experience.

However, since the introduction of memory foam mattresses with faster responses, people have grown to welcome memory foams and even its extended break-in time.

Spring mattresses do not have a temperature sensitivity feature, so you do not have to worry about a heat trap problem.

Lastly, a spring mattress costs less because its production is not as elaborate and the materials are easy to manufacture.


You will find broken springs and permanent body impressions on the mattress in less than a year.

No matter how much you flip over or rotate a spring mattress, you would end up buying a new one after 8 to 10 years.

The upkeep is hard work, but it is necessary if you want to avoid sinking in your favorite side of the bed.

The equal pressure the metal coils apply on the body is another drawback since it will not lessen any sleeping issues you might have. Spring mattresses use a balanced type of force where it responds equally to the weight on top of it.

Since a spring mattress exerts equal pressure throughout, it does not effectively provide the proper force to support areas of the body more sensitive to pressure. As a result, this can give rise to more body aches.

Memory Foam Mattress


A foam mattress may not possess metal spring coils, but it provides support tenfold. It conforms to the body. This custom-made feature is what makes the cost worth it.

The warranty lasts more than 10 years due to the advanced construction process. You only have to rotate a foam mattress a few times.

A foam mattress also does not have a sagging problem.

The CertiPUR-US certification attests to how foam mattresses are environmentally friendly.

A range of foam mattresses is available thanks to scientific breakthroughs that improve existing products, equipping them with the right mix of firm and soft by using different layers with unique characteristics.

You can avoid back pain and other physical problems caused by spring mattresses because foam mattresses do not only offer comfort but also the proper support for your body.

Using a foam mattress will hold up individual pressure points and help treat existing body aches and pains.


It is common to unbox a foam mattress rather than have it carried inside a room and ready for use.

Aside from the wait time that it takes for a foam mattress to expand, expect to wait out the odor as well.

A foam mattress is expensive because it provides better support and sleeping comfort, relieves body aches, and has a longer lifespan with minimal but regular maintenance.

The heat trap where many experience sleeping hot is another downside, but with gel memory foams now available such as the DynastyMattress 12-inch New Cool Breeze Gel, it is much easier to switch to a foam mattress.

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