Best Mattress Topper

Mattresses and spring beds easily get worn with use and over time this can lead to poor sleep, and worse, aches and pains when you wake each morning.

Spring beds tend to sag and leave hard bumps on top of the steel springs, while we often end up leaving permanent depressions on our mattresses.

These are all signs that your bed or mattress needs replacing, and this can be quite costly.

The truth is though, you really don’t need to change your bed or mattress if you are on a budget.

In our search, we found that Visco Elastic Bed Topper provides something that you will find comfort in, without breaking the bank.

Read on for our quick rundown and review of this product.

Mattress Topper Features

The core of the Visco Elastic Bed Topper is only 3″ deep, but with a 4 lbs. density this helps make up for any lack of foam depth.

As such, it provides a soft feel, and while we have not tried using it as a standalone bed yet, we do believe this product can support you on its own.

The topper is designed with old mattresses in mind, and should provide you with an even sleeping surface again despite the sags and depressions that use have brought upon your mattress through the years.

Many manufacturers of mattresses and related products these days make use of memory foam that contours to the sleeper’s body through heat.

Visco Elastic Bed Topper is much simpler, and will accommodate your body as soon as you have hit the sack.

It does not need to wait for your body to warm up the mattress to contour to your body, (a process that takes time especially during cold weather).

The mattress topper works well even if you are muscular or aren’t as thin as a catwalk model.

It can still provide a soft feel even if you weigh over 150 lbs, and, as can be attested from our experience, is best for folks who sleep on their backs and their sides.

Packaging and Delivery

We have received our topper in a compressed, vacuum-packed package.   This is great for easily placing it in whichever room you want as it takes up a relatively small space.  (It can be heavier than you might anticipate though, so make sure to find someone to help if you can’t manage on your own)

It will take some work to prepare the Visco Elastic Bed Topper for use after the initial unpacking, however.

After unpacking, we have waited for a little over 96 hours for the topper to expand fully.

Note that this is done in optimal, manufacturer-recommended temperature (72°F); we have read about reviews noting that the wait may be a bit longer at ambient temperatures over 72°F.

Why Buy This Product?

Visco Elastic Bed Topper simply is a perfect solution for a goods night sleep without a huge budget, especially if you are looking to revitalize old mattresses that you simply can’t afford to replace for whatever reason. If you need a new bedding but are hesitant to throw out your mattress just yet, then this topper is the way to go.

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