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Top 10 Pillows You Never Knew You Wanted

If you have to name one thing that you can do without to get a good sleep, that is likely never going to be the pillow.

Let’s get real: you can sleep without a mattress, or a blanket, or heck, a bed for that matter, but it certainly is going to be difficult to catch at least a short nap without some sort of a pillow.
To be fair, a pillow is indeed necessary if you are looking to have a good night’s sleep after a hard day of daily living.

Pillows play a very important role in supporting important areas of your body, such as the head, hips, neck, shoulders, and the spine. If you suffer pain in these areas, the pillow is your best friend as it can help alleviate the discomfort.
A pillow, however, may worsen existing body pain or give you discomfort if it is not the right fit for you. As such, it is important for you to learn how to choose the pillow that’s just right for your body’s needs.

Now you don’t need to scrutinize every pillow in the market in detail for that matter. Just sit back and read on, as below are reviews of some of the best pillows that we have come across.

Memory Foam Side Sleeper Pillow

If you are fond of sleeping on your sides, this memory foam pillow is a great buy for you. The memory foam simply conforms to your head’s shape and contours, providing a comfortable but firm cradle for your head that does not allow you to sink too deep into the pillow.
This product also includes the Iso-Cool technology, which involves phase change material (PCM) that helps regulate temperature. The PCM component comes in the form of tiny beads that react to your body heat.

These beads absorb heat if you are a bit too warm, and they release heat when you are a little too cold. With this, the pillow can literally cool your head and help facilitate a good night’s sleep.

Allergen and Bed Bug Proof Pillow Cover Safe ZipCover

Next in line is the odd man out of the bunch, as this is merely a cover and not a complete pillow. However, this is designed to work with just about any sort of pillow out there, and it makes wonders out of even the most worn pillow in your house.

Made in Germany, this product is made of EVOLON fabric, which the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF) has recently awarded the Seal of Quality, and is designed with the purpose of keeping allergens out of your bed in mind.

Besides common allergens, this product protects you from mites, dust mites, and even those pesky bedbugs. What’s more is that this product is eco-friendly and thereby guilt-free. It is made of sustainable raw materials and did not make use of any solvent or binders during its manufacturing.

Hypoallergenic Goose Down/Goose Feather Pillow

This pillow is, as you may have already guessed, stuffed with 50% regular goose feathers and 50% goose down. It comes in King, Queen, 1‘8” x 22” and 2’2” x 22” sizes.

Now geese, besides having such a tasty meat, are known for their soft feathers which are a staple in pillow production. As such, this pillow is best for people who need a soft surface to rest their heads on, and is definitely something that works perfectly with people who sleep on their backs.

Now how is this product hypoallergenic, you ask? Well, the feathers and the 100% cotton cover are cleaned via the CentroClean system, and it is free of contaminants that can trigger allergic reactions and whatnot.

Memory Foam Neck Pillow

This product is a relatively new model from Sleep Innovations, and it is designed specifically for those who suffer from neck and back pain. The shape is crafted in such a way that, when using this neck pillow, your spine is properly aligned regardless of your sleeping position.

This pillow makes use of SureTemp memory foam as its primary material. The cover, meanwhile, is made of 80% cotton and 20% polyester, a clever combination that gives it a velour feel and makes it soft to the touch.

It can also be easily removed for washing or other purposes. Another feature of this pillow is a layer of cooling foam that makes sure that you keep cool during warm or hot nights.

This neck pillow is best for people on a budget and comes in both queen and standard sizes. However, this product will take time getting used to, thanks to its unconventional shape and firmness.

Hypoallergenic Down Alternative Pillow

If you are feeling guilty about all those fowl that gave up their feathers to give you that comfortable pillow but still would like to experience the full benefits of a down-based pillow, then this product that sports alternative down stuffing is the right fit for you.

This one is made from siliconized cluster puff fiber that provides the same fluffy feel of the more expensive and guilt-inducing down pillows. This also doesn’t have the disadvantage of losing shape as quickly as down pillows would, thanks to the more enduring fiber stuffing, which the manufacturer claims can last from three to five years.

The manufacturers sure are confident with this, and are bold enough to include a three-year warranty and a 100% money back guarantee with this product.

Of course, this pillow is free of allergens that can disrupt anyone’s sleep. It also comes in Baby, Body, Jumbo, King, Queen, and Standard sizes, making it the pillow with the biggest number of size options in this list.

High-End Goose Down Pillow

If you’re thinking that we’re already running out of crude product names, here we have the High-End Goose Down Pillow.

This one is from Royal Hotel, and despite the rather simplistic name, is one of the most luxurious pillows out in the market.
This pillow is stuffed with choice, hand-plucked goose down. The down feathers used are all clean and free of harmful microbes. To top it off, the pillow is covered with 100%

Egyptian cotton adorned with double silk piping.

The pillow comes in Standard and King sizes, both of which can be huge as the product is stuffed with a large amount of goose down. The pillows also come in a luxurious packaging to boot, which is plus points for effort to Royal Hotel.

For certain, this product is not cheap. However, if you are going for an equal ratio of quality and aesthetics, and if you have the budget, this pillow is perfect for you. This product is also great for gifting, or if you just feel like making each night feel special.

Body Pillow

If you are looking for a good body pillow, then we also have a recommendation for that matter. This here is another product from Sleep Innovations, and like their neck pillow included in this list, it also uses allergen-free SureTemp open cell memory foam which, this time, is combined with gel memory foam.

The former allows for additional optimum support while providing good airflow. The latter, on the other hand, is added to minimize the build-up of heat during sleep.

The pillow can be described as firm or medium firm, and it comes in a body-length size, hence its name. It can thus be used as a regular pillow or a complement to one. It comes with a cover that you can remove for washing.

This product is perhaps the most versatile pillow in this list, and is best for anyone with enough bed space to accommodate it. However, it only comes with a limited one-year warranty.

Duck Down/Duck Feather Pillow

This brand new product from Pacific Coast is touted by some reviewers as the closest thing that you can get to a hotel pillow. What makes it stand out is the fact that it is made of 95% duck feathers and 5% duck down.

The down basically surrounds the regular duck feathers, which provides the pillow with a firm structure that does not sacrifice softness.

The feathers are all hyper-cleaned, which means that all foreign materials such as dust, dirt, and the dreaded allergens have been flushed off. The outer cover, which is made of AllerRest fabric, on the other hand, prevents all those particles from infiltrating the pillow.

What some may consider as the downside to this product, however, is that it is a little thicker than the average pillow, which makes it a no-go for folks who prefer sleeping in nearly flat surfaces. It can also get a bit deformed after use, so you will need to give it a good fluff right after use.

Down Alternative Pillow

This model is yet another pillow that uses alternative to down, so if you feel sorry for all those ducks, geese, or whatnot that are stripped of their feathers, this product is just right for you. The stuffing is made of 100% microfiber which provides the softness of those expensive and much-coveted down pillows at a fraction of the price.

This material makes it easier to wash the pillow—you simply have to put the whole thing in the washing machine and watch it clean and dry quickly without getting lumpy. However, the material means that this product can get easily deformed during sleep, so you will have to give it a good fluffing to get it back in shape after use.

This product comes at a very affordable price complete with a one-year warranty, and is available in Standard and Queen sizes. The downside, though, is that it is thicker than the average pillow and may not be a good fit for the occasional stomach sleeper.

Z® Firm Memory Foam Pillow

This pillow is a product from Malouf, and it is the perfect fit for people who are looking to sleep on firm pillows as opposed to the usual soft feather pillows. This product makes use of open cell technology that is also found in some memory foam mattresses, which makes it easily adapt to the shape of your head while being durable at the same time.

While it is firm, it doesn’t feel hard. Furthermore, it will not require fluffing after use as it quickly returns to its original shape. This pillow uses foam that is antimicrobial and is treated to resist dust mites and other allergens.

Z® is available in King, Queen, and Standard sizes. Unlike other pillows in this list, however, you can also pick between high or low loft versions of this product.

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