Mattress Thickness

3 Things to Consider in Choosing Mattress Thickness

Memory foam mattresses are the real answer to the age-old concern on how to sleep better.

The thickness is one of the things that make a mattress cozy, no matter what type it is.

However, choosing the thickness of the mattress is as difficult as choosing the right firmness. It all boils down to one important factor, but you have three things to consider first.

Your Overall Health Status

You have to consider your general health in choosing the best thickness for a mattress.

Ask yourself if you have particular sleeping problems you would want to address.

It is common for many people to experience local aches in pressure sensitive areas like the shoulders, back, and neck because of sleeping difficulties.

If you need a mattress that is soft and offers support, you will need a thicker mattress. Consulting a doctor first before buying a new mattress is ideal for those with severe medical conditions.

Amount vs. Thickness

Some people think that a 10-inch foam mattress has 10 inches of memory foam.

This is not exactly the right idea about thickness. A range of memory foam mattresses is available, and you can choose from 6 to 14 inches of foam.

The amount of memory foam in the mattress has little to do with its thickness. Even if you buy a 10-inch foam, it does not mean it is all memory foam.

It also depends on how some companies present each detail of their product. Others do not bother with the specifics, but it is a key factor if you want to spend more on memory foam and less on filler materials that add to total mattress density.

By reading reliable reviews, you will find low cost mattresses that provide excellent comfort and support. Another thing to take into account is that foam mattresses have layers.

Some mattresses with two to three layers have a heavier base for support. You can find the lighter memory foam in the topmost or middle layer respectively.

A soft mattress has more memory foam layers. Some brands now add a top layer that cancels out heat trap problems common to memory foam mattresses.

Since memory foam moulds to the body by reacting to temperature, sleeping on it is comfortable but also warmer than usual.

The Weight Factor

A thicker mattress is a softer mattress, but you have to consider the firmness as well.

This is because if you weigh more, you will need extra support.

Choose a thicker mattress with a high density for more firmness and support.

You can also opt for a thickness that you prefer with a specific type of firmness.

The Only Rule

After learning to consider factors such as overall health and weight, as well as the wonders of multiple layers in foam mattresses, you now will have some idea about the right mattress thickness you need.

Ultimately, picking the thickness, and even the firmness, of the mattress mostly boils down to preference.

The important thing to consider is the support you need and the comfort you would like to have.

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