How To Care For A Mattress

Memory Foam Mattress Maintenance

If you can manage to keep a spring mattress usable after several years, you have just achieved a real feat.

On top of short life spans, spring mattresses are difficult to flip and rotate for maintenance because it is a lot bulkier. Properly caring for a spring mattress has been a chore people often put off for good reason.

However, the need to keep up with a troublesome cleaning routine for spring mattresses slowly fades with the rise of foam mattresses.

It does not mean that there is zero maintenance involved, but also keep in mind these few things to expect and tips on upkeep for new foam mattresses.

After Unboxing

Taking the foam mattress out of the box for the first time can leave some feeling misled. After ordering a mattress with a specific thickness, you would expect it to arrive in the exact way you visualized it.

Although sometimes the company responsible for the mattress can be at fault, it is often a matter of patience. This is because after unboxing the product, you will find a folded sleeping bag instead of a full sized mattress.

It is quite understandable to feel frustrated that the memory foam arrives deflated. The hype of foam mattresses can make anyone want to sleep in it the same day it arrives.

The good news is that you do not need a couple of days for it to expand, but only a few hours. Foam mattresses need time to inflate with minimal tampering. It is better to leave it alone while, so it can ease into its new environment.

Turning the Mattress

Spring mattresses need you to turn it over constantly for maintenance, which is the opposite with foam mattresses.

Although rotating a mattress is good practice, keep in mind that a foam mattress have layers that do not need a different placement.

However, foam mattresses are not entirely immune to permanent markings. Spring mattresses sag after time passes even with proper maintenance and so do foam mattresses, except they have indentations.

Even expensive and high quality foam will conform to the body strongly after constant use.

Keeping Foam Mattresses Clean

If you do spill something on the mattress, try not to use a home cleaning remedy and stick to product care instructions.

Some cleaning solutions found in the kitchen do not always react well with some chemicals in the mattress. You can also look into a foam mattress with a waterproof and washable cover, so that the layers of foam inside the mattress remain clean.

After knowing what to expect when it comes to unboxing and taking care of the mattress by rotating it, the next challenge is keeping it clean.

One sure way you can keep a foam mattress clean and your life hassle free is to keep liquids at a safe distance from the mattress.

A foam mattress will be in superb condition and will provide you with restful sleep with regular maintenance.

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