What is Simply Rested?

Sleep.  We all need it.  But most of us rarely get enough.

Your choice of mattress makes a great deal of difference when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep.

We’ve all been through that time prior to this realization, when we have been struggling with getting a comfortable sleep.

We end up trying to understand why we can’t just sleep in peace, when in fact, the biggest culprit is the fact that we have chosen the wrong type of mattress.

A good mattress can certainly turn things around for you.

Here, you will find reviews of various mattresses and related items, like pillows and quilts.

You’ll also find advice on a variety of issues, from choosing the right mattress to getting the most out of your sleep.

If you are looking for something that has to do with mattresses, or if you simply love mattresses and related products in general, then you’ve definitely come to the right place.

Comparing Mattresses

We all here—perhaps including you, our precious visitors—are great fans of mattresses, especially of those that are made of this highly versatile and durable material called memory foam.

For those who are curious, memory foam is basically a polyurethane material that is sensitive to heat and pressure.

When used in mattresses, it can provide a cushion that easily conforms to your body’s contours; a comfortable nest that is very conducive to a good sleep.

As you can tell, we will be mostly reviewing memory foam mattresses in this website.

We will also provide you with information that have to do with mattresses, as well as related products. This, we promise, is a site that will serve as your one-stop shop for all your memory foam mattress needs.

Comparing Products the Easy Way

For those who don’t have time to sift through our reviews to find the mattress that suits you best, we have just the thing for you.

In this site, you will find a comprehensive comparison table where you will find similar products with all their specifications and other important information compared side by side.

You can also review individual products in our list through links included in the chart.

Can’t Decide Which Mattress to Buy?

If you are on the fence with regards to a certain mattress model, or if you have no idea which mattress to purchase, then we have just the right thing for you.

Our site contains information that will help you in your quest to find the best memory foam mattress that best suits your needs, and this comes in the form of reviews and helpful blog articles, as well as the comparison chart that we have detailed in the previous section.

Feel free to browse, but here are some tips if you are in a hurry.

  • Choose mattresses based on firmness. For this, you will need to consider your best sleeping position, and learn what is the best fit for it. For starters, folks who sleep on their backs should get medium mattresses; people who sleep on their sides need to get soft mattresses; and the occasional folks who sleep on their stomachs will find firm mattresses suitable for them.
  • Get a feel of the mattress’ density. You will learn in our site all about memory foam density, and how each type of foam density will benefit you.
  • Go for the mattress with just the right thickness. While this often boils down to personal preference, know that mattress thickness often indicates strength in structure, and the fact that there is more to the mattress than foam.

Other Things You Need to Know About Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses, unlike traditional foam mattresses or spring beds, require a different kind of care and maintenance.

Unsurprisingly, how a mattress needs to be cared for depends on the brand, so it helps that you thoroughly read the accompanying manual or the usual washing guide tag.

There are basic rules, however, that we have detailed in a different post.

Another thing that you need to know about mattresses is the fact that memory foam models are not the only ones that can offer a comfortable night’s sleep.

Yes, our favorite mattress has a rival in the form of latex mattress.

Latex mattresses are a healthier and safer alternative to any type of foam mattress.

However, these are a lot more expensive than memory foam models.

One of our most popular posts compare latex and memory foam mattresses in detail.

Our Top Picks for Your Convenience

Having gone this far, we believe that you deserve a little bonus: a short list of the best mattresses that we have reviewed so far, as well as a brief review for each.

DynastyMattress Therapeutic Deluxe

Therapeutic Deluxe is best for people suffering from body pains and would like to have a good rest at the end of a hard, body-aching day.

It is firm, but it can easily accommodate your body’s contours and provide you with a comfortable memory foam cuddle. In our review of this product, we found that this can easily minimize tossing and turning about during sleep.

Ultimate Dreams 13 Inch

This 13” gel foam mattress from Ultimate Dreams may not be a perfect product, but it does have everything that you will possibly need for a good night’s sleep, including a nice cooling layer.

It comes in six sizes, and it helps that the larger sizes come at a fraction of the price of other brands of similar sizes.

Signature Sleep

This product offers the well-known comfort that you can get from memory foam mattresses, but at a very affordable price.

Indeed, this one may not get to thousands of bucks in terms of price, but it is very comparable to those expensive models. It is available in 12”, 8”, and 6” deep varieties.

Sleep Innovations SureTemp

SureTemp from Sleep Innovations is one of those mattresses that come with great quality for a reasonable price. It is available in three depths, namely 12”, 10”, and 8” options.

Furthermore, it carries with it a 20-year warranty, which is practically a single generation’s worth of free, albeit limited, support.

Sleep Master 6 Inch

Children, just like adults, also deserve a good night’s sleep, and even more so as it is one of the most important activities that can facilitate their growth.

Sleep Master 6 Inch is perhaps the best mattress designed especially for children.

It offers the same level of comfort as adult mattresses, and comes with a Jacquard cover that you can easily zip off if you need to wash it, all for a very reasonable price.

Lucid Linenspa 10 Inch

Memory foam tend to heat up quickly, and in many cases, they just tend to heat up to the point that it starts making you uncomfortable as you sleep.

With the Lucid Linenspa 10 Inch, however, you will not experience this dreaded scenario.

This product effectively makes use of a set of cooling technologies that will keep the mattress from getting too hot at night, thereby improving the quality of your sleep especially during warm weather.

Mattresses Aren’t All There Is to It

Your choice of mattress definitely has a lot to do with the level of comfort that you enjoy as you sleep. That’s not all though; there are also other factors that contribute to a good night’s sleep.

You will also need to be wise in your choice of pillows, as well as quilts like comforters and coverlets.

Aesthetics is also something that you will need to consider, unless, of course, you do not really mind sleeping in a dull or disorganized room.

For that matter, we do have articles on how to turn your bed into a simple masterpiece, as well as reviews of bedding peripherals like comforters, coverlets, and pillows.

Check them at your pleasure—if you are sleeping poorly due to your mattress’ set up, those posts will certainly help.

To Conclude…

All the information above pretty much sums up what you should be expecting in this site.

As you can see, it’s not just all about mattresses.

You will also learn how to get a good night’s sleep through a bedding set up that perfectly fits your sleeping habits, as well as other fun information that will add to that little intellectual library in your head.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and explore our articles, check out our links, and, most importantly, have fun learning about mattresses and a whole lot more.

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