It wasn’t long ago that I started getting pains in my shoulders, in my back, and even in my hands when I woke up each morning.

You may have had the same experience as I did.

The very first thing the doctor asked me when I visited was this – “When did you last change your mattress?”

Truth be told, I didn’t know when the last time was.

I suspect most people don’t really know either.

The doctor proceeded to tell me all about how we need to work on our posture as we get older, how we need to ensure our joints are supported when we sleep.

Fortunately he took the time and gave me some valuable information but not everyone gets that same benefit.

A short time (and a LOT of research) later, I’d invested in a memory foam mattress and the difference was remarkable.

I have to admit, it became almost a hobby to research new mattresses and try them out in the stores.

Anyway, while I have my own favorite mattress now, I know there is no “one size fits all”.

You’re different to me. And I’m different to everyone else.

So I thought why not put my research to good use and help other people on their quest for a better nights sleep.

It’s my goal that you’ll be able to use this site for your own research and pick the best mattress for your needs with my honest opinions.

I hope the information on this site will also help you get a good nights sleep so that you’ll wake feeling refreshed, revitalised and … simply rested.

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