Memory Foam Types

Choosing the Right Type of Memory Foam

Buying a memory foam mattress can be a confusing experience if you do not know which mattress to buy.

Even if you have read reviews, and found a foam mattress you like at a reasonable price, it is still possible you will end up with the wrong one.

To save time, as well as money, get to know the three different types of memory foam and their benefits.

Traditional Memory Foam

The predecessor of other types available in the market is the traditional memory foam.

Although memory foams were around in the eighties, production was difficult and it debuted as a mattress in 1990.

Adding the memory foam into regular foam mattresses improved blood flow and provided better support to the body. It holds up pressure points as you sleep to lessen the stress your body experiences.

A memory foam mattress promotes better and cleaner sleep. It is cleaner because memory foams are anti-microbial.

If you switch from an innerspring mattress to a foam mattress, your allergies will not act up and you do not have to worry about dust mites and bed bugs.

Memory foam mattresses are also ideal if you sleep next to someone who is a toss and turn type of sleeper.

A traditional memory foam mattress will isolate motion so that it does not transfer to the other person on the bed.

Unlike spring mattresses, the technology used in manufacturing traditional memory foam makes it last longer.

Gel-Infused Memory Foam

The next type of memory foam is the latest type.

If you need a memory foam mattress that provides excellent support then this is the ideal choice. It differs from traditional memory foam because of its gel technology, which is similar to that found in shoe inserts.

However, it still performs the same way as traditional memory foam does. It limits motion transfer from one person to another in the case of two people sharing the same bed.

This type of mattress also caters to the immune sensitive because it is anti-microbial.

The gel foam provides further support. That is why it feels firmer than a traditional type. Some manufacturers also put up longer warranties because it is more durable.

It is the best type of memory foam mattress in terms of support. If you have mild to serious body soreness resulting from poor mattress support, a gel foam mattress will offer relief by holding up various pressure points.

You can learn more about this type of mattress in a review of the Ultimate Dreams 13” Gel Memory Foam.

Air Cool Memory Foam

Is there a solution that cancels out extra heat experienced when sleeping on a memory foam mattress?

The manufacturers’ answer to this common issue is the air cool memory foam.

A few brands use innovative technology such as open cell foam formulation that improves ventilation.

If you opt for an air cool memory foam mattress, like the often-evaluated 12” LUCID® by LinenSpa, you will feel like sleeping on clouds without sinking into a heat wave.

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