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Sleepless Nights? Sleep Master 6-Inch Smooth Top Therapeutic Memory Foam Mattress is Your Friend

The memory foam mattress is one of man’s greatest inventions.

It has made sleeping a lot more restful, and more and more people are starting to realize the importance of a good nights sleep and how a mattress can contribute to that.

However, not all foam mattresses are created equal, and not all of them can provide optimum comfort for different folks with different needs.

While you may find your mattress suitable for you, your children may not find sleeping on it very comfortable.

If that is the case, you might be interested in the best memory foam mattress for kids that you will also find comfy. We’ve had reports that the Sleep Master 6-Inch Smooth Top Therapeutic Memory Foam Mattress delivers on this set of requirements. To verify these reports, we have decided to review this particular.

MattressĀ Features

The comfort provided by this product lies in its composition. To begin, this mattress is 6″ in depth and is known to be able to support fully-grown adults while not being too rigid or too soft for children.

This is because it is composed of 4.5″ of high density foam under 1.5″ of premium memory foam.

This combination allows you to sink for about 1.5″, contouring to your body’s shape and giving you what we call a feather-like feel while providing ample support between you and the hard bed frame.

As such, many prefer this product over much shallower memory foam mattresses.

The memory foam used in this product is a Bio Foam made of natural seed oil rather than petrol-based oils.

This rather commendable move from Sleep Master thus makes sure that the carbon output is minimized during the production of the mattress. To top it off, the product comes with a CertiPur-US certification.

Moving beyond the basics, the foam is covered with a fire-resistant inner cover which, in turn, is covered with a jacquard poly cover.

The latter can be easily removed for washing or other purposes by simply unzipping it and taking it off the mattress.

“The Odor Factor”

While a memory foam mattress may provide the best possible comfort for you and your kids, it won’t be a great purchase if the odor puts you off and gets in the way of a good night’s sleep.

Now how does the Sleep Master 6-Inch Smooth Top Therapeutic Memory Foam Mattress fare in this regard?

Sleep Master addresses the odor issue by infusing the mattress with ActivCharcoal and Evergreen.

The former absorbs moisture and sweating, thereby minimizing the odors that result after sleep. Meanwhile, the latter neutralizes the smell from everyday pollutants and activities.

Packaging and Warranty

We have received Sleep Master 6-Inch Smooth Top Therapeutic Memory Foam Mattress in a small package that makes use of minimal packaging materials.

However, expect that the product arrives in a shrunken state and it is required for you to leave it for 48 hours after unpacking to allow it to fully expand.

The mattress comes with a limited five-year warranty, which is a very reasonable period for something that gets used every day and will probably wear out faster than its expected life span.


Sleep Master 6-Inch Smooth Top Therapeutic Memory Foam Mattress sure is something that you will want to spend your money on if you are looking for a bedding that works for your kids.

It simply is comfortable and provides ample support without being too hard or being too hazardously soft for those growing bodies.

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